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How many cookies are in each box?

Each box has 10 cookies total. They are supplied by our restaurant and bakery partners. We know that 10 cookies for $75 isn't normally a good deal, but we think making a $75 donation that gets split among three amazing local non-profits and receiving cookies from 10 awesome Chicago restaurants and bakeries as a thank you gift is a no-brainer.

How do I pick up my cookie box?

Pick up days are Saturday, December 16th and Sunday, December 17th from 9am - 1pm. Cookie box pickup will be held at The Roof Crop located at 1516 W Carroll Ave. Chicago IL 60607. You may come either day.

Please mark the two pick up dates in your calendar!!! We will send reminders about the pick up date and location via email. If you forget to pick up your boxes, we will not be able to accommodate alternative pick up arrangements! We found that during the Planned Parenthood IL Bake Sale, making there arrangements was much too disruptive of our jobs and responsibilities, so although we will be sad that you didn't get your cookies, we will not be able to do a different pick up date. It's important to remember that this isn't a purchase but is a gift you receive for your donation to the fund raiser, so even if you don't get your box you have still contributed to three very important local causes!

Can I still order a cookie box if I live outside of Chicago?

Unfortunately we CANNOT arrange alternative pick-up dates or ship the cookie boxes. If you email to ask, we will have to say no! The only option for getting your cookie box is to come to one of the pick up days.  If you cannot make it to the pick-up location, please make other arrangements to have someone pick up your cookie box for you.

If you still want to participate, we encourage you to use the DONATE button on the home page to give to the non-profit partners.

Where do the cookies come from?

The cookies come from some of the most amazing restaurants and bakeries in Chicago! 

The Sleigh Bell Box has cookies from Floriole, Soho House, Katherine Anne Confections, Quiote, Lula, Giant, Colibrì, Hoosier Mama Pie Company and Frontera.

The Snowfall Box has cookies from Cellar Door Provisions, Old Irving Brewing, Oriole, Dimo’s, Fat Rice, Nico Osteria, Bang Bang Pie, Loba Pastry, Parachute, and Baker Miller. 

Can I customize my box or mix and match which restaurants' cookie I want?

Nope, the two boxes will each have cookies from 10 restaurants and we can't switch anything up. If you want to try cookies from all 20 restaurants, be sure to order both boxes.

Can my dietary restrictions be accommodated?

Unfortunately, the restaurants participating are making large batch cookies and providing the materials and labor free of cost. In order to not add to the work they are doing for free, we will not be asking them to make any accommodations for dietary restrictions.

What are the three non-profits all about and how are they involved?

We worked with people who understand the local non-profit scene in Chicago to learn about small organizations that are doing meaningful work in our city. We focused on non-profits that are especially vulnerable under the policies of the Trump administration. In order to support worker's rights and women, we chose Healing to Action, which focuses on women in the workplace. To support pro-immigrant efforts, we chose Organized Communities Against Deportation. To support education, we chose Pilot Light, which works to put food education in CPS. Justin works at Pilot Light, and they are helping with some of the logistics (such as securing our pick-up location, which is located in the same building as their office). 

The breakdown of how we're distributing money is like this: Healing to Action and Organized Communities Against Deportation, which are smaller non-profits in need of funding, will each receive about 40%, while Pilot Light, which has the support of local chefs and is a more established fund-raiser, will receive about 10%. We say "about" because we'll be taking a small amount of the funds (no more than 5% and hopefully less, depending on what we can get donated) to cover costs such as the boxes that will store the cookies, reimbursement of products for restaurants that need it, and the fees for hosting this website.

About the non-profits receiving the proceeds of this fundraiser:

Healing to Action works to advance a worker-led movement to end gender-based violence in Chicago and create safe, just work places.

Organized Communities Against Deportation is working towards full recognition of the rights and contributions of all immigrants in Chicago, with undocumented organizers leading the charge. 

Pilot Light helpse kids in Chicago Public Schools make healthier choices by connecting the lessons they learn in their classrooms to the foods they eat on their lunch trays, at home, and in their communities.


Who organized this? Are you professional fund-raisers?

We're Eva and Justin, and we are not professional fund-raisers. Eva is an experience designer and Justin is a chef-turned-educator who works for Pilot Light, a non-profit that brings food education to CPS. Since we don't have a lot of money to donate ourselves, we wanted to do something to raise funds for an organization that's important to both us and to the people being targeted by President Trump and his administration. Earlier this year we organized a cookie bake sale fund raiser for Planned Parenthood of IL, and raised $36,000 that went straight to the important work they do. We were so inspired by the energy and support around that fund raiser that before it was even over, we had decided to do it again during the holidays.

We want to encourage people to find ways to utilize their skills and networks to move money and make positive change. Everyone has the ability to organize within their own communities. For this project, Justin used his network of other chefs in Chicago, and Eva repurposed the former site of his underground dinners into this one. We plan on making sure that all of our friends, family, and other contacts know about this project in order to raise as much as possible. Everyone can take on a fund raising project, show up at protests, write letters/call their government representatives, and hold businesses accountable to working against Trump's administration.

How can I get involved?

We will need a few volunteers to pick up cookies from restaurants and to help with cookie box assembly on Friday, December 15th. If you want to volunteer, please fill out the contact form below. You can also organize your own Bake Sale fundraiser in your city! We were inspired by the PPWI Bake Sale to do our own fund raiser for Planned Parenthood IL last February, and had such an amazing amount of support that we decided to do it again for a different group of non-profits. We encourage people in other cities around the country to organize them and spread the impact.

If you'd like to volunteer, please fill out the form below!

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Can you pick up cookies from one of the restaurants on Friday, December 15th? Help us assemble the boxes that day or the morning of the 16th? Let us know here!